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Recorded Jan. 4th, 2015
Paper Tiger Studios
Prod. Bobby Leonard
Columbus, Ohio


released January 6, 2015

On this album:

Dave Ramsey played drums and did backing vocals
Devin Carlos Quinn played viola on "you're so fair"
Esther Anna Henry played bass and sang lead vocals
Nick Henry played guitar
Bobby Leonard produced and recorded the album.
All songs written by CHURCH CAMP



all rights reserved


CHURCH CAMP Columbus, Ohio

A little team of song-builders.


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Track Name: All I Need
Fearlessly searching for a place that I can call home/ Where the thought of weather and time don't matter anymore

Where I'll have all that I need/ Where wants are forgotten/ A place where I can call home/ And my pride has fallen

Brick and wood don't secure me/ I find my home in bones and skin/ Your breath shakes up the deepest parts within

I will have all that I need/ My wants will be forgotten/ A place where I will call my home/ My pride will have fallen
Track Name: If You
If you've thought about ending it all/ You're just like me/ If you've thought about giving it away/ Maybe that's ok

Making an attempt/ At this thing called hope/ At this thing called hope

If you've concluded that it's all void/ How are we different/ If you've decided that it's a sham/ I feel it, too

Just show me how/ I'm drowning in self-doubt/ In all doubt about everything/ In all doubt about everything
Track Name: Still
I still believe in you...

Who, what, where, when/ Why, how

You are a star/ In the sky

You've got nothing to prove/ Don't tell me your faults/ Turn down those words/ Let us be in-tune
Track Name: Finally
(And) They'll fade away/ Finally, finally/ (And) we'll wake up/ Finally, finally/ (And) we'll wake up/ Finally, finally

C'mon, let's run/ C'mon, let's run!
Track Name: Right Into Its Place
Everything will fall/ Right into its place/ Don't give up now/ You're almost there

It's easy to forget/ What's really real

It's hard to remember/ What's really fake
Track Name: Break Down
I've forgotten how to love/ How to write this song/ Maybe something will break/ Break me down

I thought you'd be forever, always/ Right by my side/ Didn't know that you'd go

You always shined, so bright/ Leading me away/ From my own home

We're breaking/ Piece by piece!
Track Name: Common Respirations
Look around/ Get your eyes off the ground/ And we'll find/ There's more to life than you and I

Is there something that can hold up my weary attention/ I'm falling forwards, looking all around/ Something tells me these are more than common respirations

Look around/ Get your head above the ground/ And we'll find/ There's more to life than you and I
Track Name: I Was Wrong
Faking it through the day/ With a smile/ That doesn't ring true/ Just let me breathe

I was wrong/ These shallow surfaces don't give me soul/ You were right/ How I needed something to re-ignite

I don't think I'm ok/ You remind me/ To take it slow/ Slowly we will go

(And) We'll find together/ Nothing can ever stop us/ Nothing will ever stop us
Track Name: You're So Fair
You're so fair/ Untouched by the sun/ Your pale eyes tell us stories/ About how you left your one true love/ For sanity/ For sanity

No one really knows why you let go/ No one really knows why you're all alone

"I'm alive,"/ Is what you say when we despise your empty life/ (But) the truth is/ We don't understand why you've made this/ Your existence/ Your existence

You're so fair...